Development of the Manifesto

How and by whom was it developed?


In 2015 Startup Ireland, with the assistance of many other organisations, ran the Startup Gathering, a weeklong series of approx. 400 Startup related events spread across many Irish towns and cities. This was driven by a small and exceptionally hard working salaried team, the voluntary board of Startup Ireland and a huge number of other volunteers and was facilitated by many other individuals and organisations. A key feature of the gathering was a series of structured break-out sessions where attendees gathered in groups to discuss the improvements needed in Ireland’s startup ecosystem.


In 2016, Meadow Jackson, a Start Up Ireland research associat collated the ideas for the above break out sessions and ideas from various other sources including: reports such as the 2014 “Report of the Entrepreneurship Forum”; a budget submission on startup issues which had been prepared by Startup Ireland following a public consultation exercise and the manifestos of other countries, to create a menu of possible items to include in the Manifesto


Lorcan O’Sullivan, working on a voluntary basis, used this menu in a series of one to-one consultations with entrepreneurs, investors and start up support organisations to create a draft manifesto.


This draft was published online in November 2016 and a campaign of social media and direct contact was used to seek feedback on it from the Startup community. Lorcan modified this draft in light of the feedback to create the final version of the manifesto.


Many organisations and individuals gave generously of their time and knowledge to help develop this manifesto and we are very grateful for that assistance. They all agreed with the need for more and larger startups and with the vast majority of the manifesto’s recommendations, however some divergent views on a small number of specific action points may exist.